Cosmos Hall

Large space that can accommodate up to 300 people, fully equipped with modern conference room of arts facilities for all types of business conferences offers convenient amenities and services.

Ducksu Hall

Suitable for all kinds of small gatherings of less than 150 people, including family gatherings, of course, we are also equipped with a variety of convenient amenities and services to ensure you hold a worry free party.

Kuk Hall

Here is the ideal choice for your business met for 20-30 people for small meetings or important meeting.

Paeback Room

Hamilton “Paeback” room (Paeback = is part of the wedding, the wedding is over, the two sides met a family link) is an important traditional wedding Buju.

Rose Hall

Equipped with all modern facilities, ideal for about 200 small and medium conferences.

Wedding Hall

For your life’s most important moments, our hotel wedding hall for your wedding ceremony will provide the most meticulous service, so that every bride can enjoy here with a life in the most memorable wedding.